Massage Therapist Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale

Massage Therapist Irene Fitzpatrick

"You're unlikely to find another massage therapist who's as devoted as Irene. Striving for the very best outcomes for her clients, Irene works tirelessly to provide a much needed service".  FSS Owner Anthony Gyles

Irene comes from a varied work background always with the view to helping others. She started with an Associate Diploma in Welfare Studios in the 80s. Through the years, Irene was continually drawn towards alternative forms of healing and completed some introductory courses in astrology, aromatherapy and massage. Moving to Canada in 1992 she worked in a variety of holistic and mainstream settings.

At the end of 1999, Irene headed back to Australia where she undertook a Diploma in Health Science-Massage which she completed in January 2001. She then returned to Vancouver working in a holistic spa for a year and a half and completed Reiki Level 1- Advanced before returning to Melbourne mid 2016.

Using a variation of Holistic Massage and Reiki, Irene's Intention is to gently guide the individual to explore their own power of healing.