Exercise Physiologist and Personal Training Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale

Exercise Physiologist Nicholas Kent

"Nick's knowledge of  human physiology is outstanding. He is completely committed to achieving successful outcomes for his clients and achieves success  through a non-intimidatory approach to exercise." 
FSS Owner Anthony Gyles

Nick’s career within health and fitness started through playing and having a general interest in sports as a youngster. Anything from formal  competition and training to just dabbling, if it was a sport then Nick was keen to try it and took interest in it. This eventually turned itself into a greater fascination with sports performance, human function and exercise through his high school days which pushed him to undertake formal study by completing a Cert IV in Fitness (2007) as well as a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (2010).

As a graduate, Nick worked within elite sporting environments with Tennis Australia and TAC Under18’s AFL in Strength & Conditioning as well as working within community health and leisure with aged, disability and special populations. All this whilst still partaking in his own personal sporting pursuits, playing and training in high level Basketball as well as continually dabbling in other recreational level sports such as Australian Rules, Tennis, Endurance Sports, Swimming, Surfing and Skiing. The nature of training and physical preparation for various sports is what piqued Nick’s overall interest in athletic preparation as well as personal application of general fitness and training for himself as he pursued his various endeavors – giving him a broad understanding of sports and their training principles.

After growing tired of working within sports, Nick took up Personal Training as a career to apply knowledge learnt of exercise and sports for Average Joe and Average Jane. Coupled with working in community health, Nick’s passion had again evolved into fitness for health and the magnitude of benefit that exercise – particularly lifting – can have for the average person. A keenness to work with clinical populations, Nick completed a Masters in Exercise Science & Rehabilitation (2015) to become accredited as an Exercise Physiologist and work within scope of allied health. Now Nick focuses his main application of exercise knowledge, experience and passion to teaching, training and prescribing basic skills of lifting and strength primarily for those whom are less inclined and less than enthusiastic about traditional “gym culture”.

Nick’s core philosophy is about “equal-opportunity” health especially within clinical populations, people with adverse health or in chronic pain. The gym and lifting is traditionally seen as “fitness fanatics” only, or something that is unsafe or merely too complex and intimidating for “regular folk”. It’s Nick’s mission to change this traditional pre-conception about strength training and is something that Nick strives for his clients and patients to learn, realise and confidently take into the future for their own wellbeing’s sake.